ep.9 – Scott Thiede

Oh, no! We accidentally took a pitch meeting from….a….MURDERER!!! Margerum Deli Legweak is a self proclaimed murderer of at least her husband, but maybe more! The Bitz Boyz sure did step in it this time. But as always, the questions remains. Will they buy the pitch, or will they send this murderer packin’?

Scott Thiede performs at the UCB theater with his Musical Mess Hall Team “Almost Midnight”

Twitter: @swthiede

ep.8 – Ben Cassil

The Bits-Boyz are hitting all time new lows with this one. Rick Steves comes in to pitch. That’s right, you heard correct, RICK STEVES. Things get HEATED. And as always, the questions still remains. Will they green-light the project, or will they give it the old “pass”?

Ben Cassil is the lovely host of Convince Me on iTunes. You can see him with the UCB team Loserlebrities, or as the co-host for Totally Rad! w/ Alyssa Sabo at UCB.


ep.7 – Andrew Lindh

Nikhil Deshpande. Jeremy Schmidt. Two Hollywood producers with dashing good looks to spare. They take a pitch from Tim Palmer, LAUSD substitute teacher and man of the people. The pitch is good, but as always the question still remains. Will they green light the project. Or will they pass?!

Andrew Lindh – UCB performer, 36Hafia, Daddio Improv, cohost of Sketch Idol

ep.6 – Mick Wannenmacher

Drama! Drama! Drama! So much drama today with Nikhil and Jeremy. They take a pitch from Barry Waterbean; an 80s guy. And just like most 80s guys, he is very problematic. As always, the question remains. Will they green-light the project, or will they give it the old, “pass”.

Mick Wannenmacher – comedian, performer, citizen of the world

Instagram – @drmickmach

ep.5 – Zach Pyke

Whoa! Jeremy and Nikhil take a totally rad pitch from the totally rad MIKE BIKE. He’s extreme, eco-friendly and LOVES kicking the rear view mirrors off of cars. But as always, the question remains. Will they green light the show, or will they pass on it.

Zach Pyke – comedian/musician – host of The Bachelor Zone Podcast

Twitter: @TheRealZachPyke

Instagram: @zachpyke

ep.4 – Annabel Seymour

Nikhil and Jeremy take a pitch from Lemon Lamar. She loves her son…a lot. I mean maybe too much? You decide! And as always the question still remains. Will Nikhil and Jeremy green light the project. Or will they give it one of their “patented passes”.

Annabel Seymour – writer/performer UCB / Clubhouse

Twitter: @TrumanShowT

Instagram: @annabelseymour

ep.1 – Veronica Gruba, Elizabeth Reichelt and Eileen Mary O’Connell

Jeremy Schmidt and Nikhil Deshpande take TWO meetings in this inaugural episode; one from Susan Schnickel (a woman selling Herbal Life and obsessed with cruises) and Pip-Pap (a weird tiny non-gender specific creature). But the question, as always, still remains. Will they buy or will the pass?

Elizabeth Reichelt – UCB performer with Rumple, Harold Ramis, Fashion Show At Lunch and sketch team New Hot Dog

Instagram: @lizreichelt

Twitter: @lizreichelt

Eileen O’Connell – house team performer at The Pack Theater – performs with Murder Murder and writer/performer for Top Story Weekly

Instagram: @eileenmaryoconnell

Twitter: @i_Lean

Veronica Gruba – amazing podcast engineer and improv performer with Totally Heather

Instagram: @vtown

Twitter: @vtown