ep.34 – Charles Miller

Carlos Monticito is a filmmaker who takes his work very seriously. Maybe you’ve seen some of his films? Green Bush, Pineapple Sexpress, Fifty Shades Pee’d and many more! He does porn parodies of Oscar winning films. His pitch is FMK: A Shot At Love – one woman, a bunch of men, and at the end she kills the one she doesn’t want. But as always the question remains; will Jeremy and Nikhil green light the pitch or will send it packing?

Charles Miller is not even a comedian he just had this really funny bit so we let him on the show!


ep.33 – Joey Thompson (Barry McGunthrie Jr.)

Barry McGunthrie Jr. is a Southern Man through and through. He is very devout, in fact, he is a backup preacher. While visiting LA to check out Dr. Phil, he decided to stop by and give the BitzBoiz a run for their money. He proposes a competition show for pastors. But, as always the question remains; will Jeremy and Nikhil buy the pitch? Or, will they let Mr. Gunthrie Jr. float on by?


Joey Thompson is a character actor famous for his character Barry McGunthrie Jr. that you can catch touring all over the country.


ep.32 – Mia Schauffler

Sprindy Carpenter is a tour guide from the Tillamook Cheese Factory. She is also a lover of jokes. She tells so many jokes you might assume she’s lying, but don’t. She’s only joking. Sprindy takes us on a wild of what’s real and what’s unreal. Her pitch is shrouded in mystery, but the bottom line is she thinks she would make a great show. But, as always the questions remains. Will Nikhil and Jeremy green light her project, or will they send her packing back to cheese-land.

Mia Schauffler is an incredible performer at the UCB theater. You can see her with Leroy on Harold night.


ep.31 – Andrew Grace

Dan Marvin is fresh off of the water and he’s got Sailor’s butt. For him it’s all about that “live aboard lifestyle” and he is proud of it. His pitch is salty and simple – get some people on a boat and see how the fair. The challenges are all boat related, but the drama is all about having the strength to live a boat-house life. But, as always the question remains – will the BitzBoiz green light this pitch, or will they give it the old sail-away?

Andrew Grace is an incredible UCB improviser currently performing on the Harold team City Hall. He is insane in the best possible way.


ep.30 – Mikey Stephens

Delmont Fimley operates from his office inside of his mom’s house (by choice). As a fellow inventor and business man Delmont approaches the BitzBoiz about a brand new reality show idea. Many of his inventions were stolen from him, but that doesn’t stop him from still inventing things like the plastic tips of shoe laces. All he needs is $100. For what? To pay up on the internet bill and buy a video game. No more. No less. As always the question still remains, will Jeremy and Nikhil green light this project, or will they give it the boot (sans laces).

Mikey Stephens is a hilarious improviser/comedian/actor in Los Angeles (and all around good guy). You can catch him on UCB Harold Night with Bitchin’.


ep.29 – Skot William Phillips II

Dean Colleto is stoned out of his mind. 420 – blazin’ – ready to pitch his reality television show. The “Dean Of Green” (because weed) pitches us a dank elimination show that basically boils down to ‘Survivor’ meets ‘Cheech and Chong’. You will enter sober and leave high as hell, my dude. Then again, the question still remains. Will Jeremy and Nikhil accept the show, or reject it straight away?

Skot William Phillips II is a Los Angeles based comedian known for his excellent improvised Law And Order show at UCB with his amazing team ‘Some Kind Of Monster’.


ep.28 – Ruman Kazi

Jordan is a hairstylist, but hobbies as a bowler. He hopes to marry his hobby with his search for love. Picture a bowling competition where those who improve the most at bowling win big- and by win big…we mean marry Jordan! But, will the idea survive the scrutiny of Jeremy and Nikhil? Will the Bitz Boiz give it the green-light? Or, will they toss it back into the sea of failed pitches?

Ruman Kazi is a fantastic comedian and actor who developed a fabulous short “Auntie Has The Perfect Girl”. Catch all over Los Angeles!


ep.27 – Dennis Curlett

Lester (last name does not matter) is…how do we say this…a creep? He’s come to pitch a dating show in the vain of MTV’s Next, but with a bit of a twist. It’s a tough sell, but Lester’s a tough guy. But, as always the question remains. Do Jeremy and Nikhil bite on the pitch, or will they toss this one out with the garbage!

Dennis Curlett is a Los Angeles based comedian/improviser known for his bangin’ team Funk Shuffle. He is also a prolific filmmaker. Find him and his work on Vimeo!


ep.26 – John Dardenne

Ralph Kackoo is a 19 year old who has read lots of screenwriting books. His pitch is basically Nun-springa, or Rumspringa for nuns.  Challenging nuns to a horny competition of faith. Sultry and scandalous. But, as always the question still remains. Will Jeremy and Nikhil buy the pitch, or will they give it the proverbial boot (as it were).

John Dardenne is a actor/improviser from Los Angeles who was recently seen on his UCB Mess Hall team PayDay. He also teaches at the LA Connection Comedy Theatre.


ep.25 – Alyssa Sabo

This is a BIG get for Jeremy and Nikhil. Lisa Frank came to pitch us a show even though it is rumored she has a movie coming out about her life. What an honor! Oh, and in case you didn’t know…Lisa Frank is the FOLDER LADY. But, just because she is an actual celebrity does NOT mean she gets a free pass. She must convince Jeremy and Nikhil

Alyssa Sabo is an amazing improviser, stand-up, sketch actress and all around hilarious personality. You can catch her at Totally Rad! w/ Alyssa Sabo at the UCB theater once a month.


ep.24 – Ari Grabb

G-Spider is a “clout coach” and trust us – he explains what this means. It’s all about Insta’ and brand life for Mr. Spider. He pitches a show that is basically coaching people into better clout, not unlike the Will Smith film Hitch but for clout. But as always, the questions still remains. Will the BitsBoiz pass on this pitch or will they green light it to success.

Ari Grabb is an visual artist, comedian, and all around good dude.


ep.23 – Conner McCabe

Clarence Shipworth is a SUPER nice guy. He is studying to be a youth pastor, but not quite there yet. He is pitching a show that is a little bit of Hard Knox and a little bit of Youth Group. Too vanilla? You be the judge. And, as always the question remains- will the BitsBoys green light the pitch or will they give it the old pas?

Conner McCabe is an incredible Los Angeles based improviser and comedian in and around UCB. He hosts TNT at the Clubhouse, and MACH at the Clubhouse.


ep.22 – Joe Feeney

Jody Watts doesn’t know reality shows. Now, does that mean he is going to be bad at pitching one? Well, how does America’s Greatest Dumps suite ya? That’s right. He pitches a show where we get up close and personal with America’s best dump-yards. Sound good? Well, the BitsBoiz have a thing or two to SAY about it. And, as always, the question still remains. Will they buy up the pitch or will they let it sail on by.

Joe Feeney is an American comedian and improviser. He can be seen around town performing with his team POWERLINE!


ep.21 – Eric Chad Ho

Beckhilda (the witch) knows a thing or two about manifesting your wishes. Like most wishes, she can do all kinds of tricks. Her pitches was incredibly magical. But as always, the question remains. Will Nikhil and Jeremy buy up that sweet reality-show pitch? Or, will they pass on it FOREVER?

Eric Cha Ho is quite simply hilarious. You can catch him around town doing hilarious improv all around Los Angeles. Just like…go to the Clubhouse on Vermont, right?


ep.20 – Patrick Polsin

Scumpt Furst wants to be a big-shot guy. One way to become a big-shot guy here in Hollywood is to get a show on television. Scumpt Furst, Friend To All Animals is his proverbial meal ticket. This gentle hearted soul might swing himself a gentle hearted deal, but first the question remains. Will they green-light this pitch.

Patrick Polsin is a hilarious UCB writer/performer and write for The Babes sketch team around Los Angeles.

@Payytrike on Twitter and Instagram.

ep.19 – Alex Knight

Jeffry Roid is from New Mexico, and he has a LOT of pitches. Some would say he has too many pitches, not us. We say, he has just enough. Jeremy and Nikhil had lots to do on this tasty episode, but as always the question remains. Will they give it the green light, or will they pass on these pitches.

Alex Knight is an actor/comedian/improviser from Los Angeles. You can catch him at the Improv Space in Westwood.

ep.18 – Greg Smith

Today we hear a pitch from the legendary Daniel Plainview. No! Not THAT Daniel Plainview! The Daniel Plainview from Ann Arbour, MI. He is the choir director at his church, a real man of God, some might say. But as always, the question still remains. Will the Boys de la Bits pass on this holy opportunity, or will they bite this meaty delicious pitch.

Greg Smith is a comedian/musician known for his performances at many theaters here in Los Angeles including UCB and Second City. You can hear his podcast on Campfire Media called DopeTown 3000.

ep.17 – Miranda Rae Hart

We have an ACTUAL CELEBRITY pitching to us today. It’s Miss Holly Golightly, from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Her voice…OMG…that voice. Tis either the voice of a beloved angel or a shrew devil. You be the judge! But as always, the questions still remains. Will Jeremy and Nikhil, two men intrenched in bits, green-light this project? Or, will they give it the old boot?

Miranda Rae Hart is a talented UCB performer. You can catch her on the teams Shimmy and Daddio. You can also check her out on social media:

Instagram: @miranduhhartheartsyou

Twitter: @Miranda_Hart

ep.16 – Ben Goldsmith

Georgia Washington is a peach- the sweetest lady you’d ever meet. Her pitch is, however, not exactly the sweetest. Chasing Blimps a weight loss show that is just as insensitive as it sounds. But the question still remains; will the Bits-Boys green-light the project or give it the old pass.

Ben Goldsmith is an improviser at the Improv Space in Westwood.

ep.15 – Libby Doyne

Shirley Applebees. No relation. She has the sweet voice of a child. All she wants is a big fan. Her show pitch: Big Fan. But as always, the question still remains. Will Jeremy and Nikhil buy the show, or will they give it the old PASS?!

Like/Subscribe – maybe?

Libby Doyne is a hilarious improviser at the UCB theater and the Improv Space in Westwood. You can read her work at Reductress and McSweeneys.

Libby Doyne: @libbydoyne

ep.14 – Anosh McAdam

Alan Prescott is the oldest man in the world. The. Oldest. Man. In. The. WORLD. And you might say, for better or worse, he is a man out of time. His idea are…a bit…old also. The Bitz Boyz have quite a conundrum. On the one hand, they could green light the project. Now, on the other hand, they could give it the old, “pass.” Will they? Won’t they? Find out!

You can watch Anosh McAdam performing at the UCB theater. He is also a producer for the UCB Podcast Network. 

ep.13 – Bozant Katzakian

Brad Stevenson is a sad dad, and poor sad Brad Stevenson came to Jeremy and Nikhil to pitch a reality show. It’s sad. REAL sad. But as always the question still remains. Will they green light the project, or will they give it the old sad pass.

Bozant Katzakian is a UCB performer. You can catch him on the infamous GHOULISH team MURDER MURDER. Also check out his health/wellness curated workshops called Yoga, Meditation & Building Community Wellness at the UCB Inner Sanctum.

ep.12 – PJ McCormick

Adam is a man who leans…to the…right? Unclear! But one thing is clear, and that is his PITCH!!!

Also, this is unclear! Phew! The Bits Boys are in for it this time. But as always, the question remains. Will they buy the show? Or, will they give it the boot.

PJ McCormick is a Los Angeles comedian/improviser originally from TEXAS, YA’LL!

Twitter: @peejmccormick

ep.11 – Rachel Van Nes

It’s not everyday we take someone off the street, but for Frida O’Chip we make an exception. She has been making waves around town with her hot take on TURTLES. Also, Nikhil had a date??? But as always the questions remains. Will the Bits Boys green light the pitch or will they pass?

Rachel Van Nes is a UCB writer/performer on the Harold Team, Heartthrob. She has contributed for Reductress and McSweeney’s.

Instagram/Twitter: @vannesexpress

ep.10 – Lawrence Marshalian

Henry Martin is a mechanic with a nagging EDGE FOR DRAMA. Do you think being a mechanic is interesting? Let me as you this…do you think being ALIVE is interesting? Well, Henry would ask the same question. Now, his pitch is solid, but will the Bits Boys buy this pitch or thumbs-it-down.

Lawrence Marshalian is a dynamite performer @ the ImprovSpace Theater in Westwood with the team The 400 Cat.

Twitter: @lmarshalian

ep.9 – Scott Thiede

Oh, no! We accidentally took a pitch meeting from….a….MURDERER!!! Margerum Deli Legweak is a self proclaimed murderer of at least her husband, but maybe more! The Bitz Boyz sure did step in it this time. But as always, the questions remains. Will they buy the pitch, or will they send this murderer packin’?

Scott Thiede performs at the UCB theater with his Musical Mess Hall Team “Almost Midnight”

Twitter: @swthiede

ep.8 – Ben Cassil

The Bits-Boyz are hitting all time new lows with this one. Rick Steves comes in to pitch. That’s right, you heard correct, RICK STEVES. Things get HEATED. And as always, the questions still remains. Will they green-light the project, or will they give it the old “pass”?

Ben Cassil is the lovely host of Convince Me on iTunes. You can see him with the UCB team Loserlebrities, or as the co-host for Totally Rad! w/ Alyssa Sabo at UCB.


ep.7 – Andrew Lindh

Nikhil Deshpande. Jeremy Schmidt. Two Hollywood producers with dashing good looks to spare. They take a pitch from Tim Palmer, LAUSD substitute teacher and man of the people. The pitch is good, but as always the question still remains. Will they green light the project. Or will they pass?!

Andrew Lindh – UCB performer, 36Hafia, Daddio Improv, cohost of Sketch Idol

ep.6 – Mick Wannenmacher

Drama! Drama! Drama! So much drama today with Nikhil and Jeremy. They take a pitch from Barry Waterbean; an 80s guy. And just like most 80s guys, he is very problematic. As always, the question remains. Will they green-light the project, or will they give it the old, “pass”.

Mick Wannenmacher – comedian, performer, citizen of the world

Instagram – @drmickmach

ep.5 – Zach Pyke

Whoa! Jeremy and Nikhil take a totally rad pitch from the totally rad MIKE BIKE. He’s extreme, eco-friendly and LOVES kicking the rear view mirrors off of cars. But as always, the question remains. Will they green light the show, or will they pass on it.

Zach Pyke – comedian/musician – host of The Bachelor Zone Podcast

Twitter: @TheRealZachPyke

Instagram: @zachpyke

ep.4 – Annabel Seymour

Nikhil and Jeremy take a pitch from Lemon Lamar. She loves her son…a lot. I mean maybe too much? You decide! And as always the question still remains. Will Nikhil and Jeremy green light the project. Or will they give it one of their “patented passes”.

Annabel Seymour – writer/performer UCB / Clubhouse

Twitter: @TrumanShowT

Instagram: @annabelseymour

ep.1 – Veronica Gruba, Elizabeth Reichelt and Eileen Mary O’Connell

Jeremy Schmidt and Nikhil Deshpande take TWO meetings in this inaugural episode; one from Susan Schnickel (a woman selling Herbal Life and obsessed with cruises) and Pip-Pap (a weird tiny non-gender specific creature). But the question, as always, still remains. Will they buy or will the pass?

Elizabeth Reichelt – UCB performer with Rumple, Harold Ramis, Fashion Show At Lunch and sketch team New Hot Dog

Instagram: @lizreichelt

Twitter: @lizreichelt

Eileen O’Connell – house team performer at The Pack Theater – performs with Murder Murder and writer/performer for Top Story Weekly

Instagram: @eileenmaryoconnell

Twitter: @i_Lean

Veronica Gruba – amazing podcast engineer and improv performer with Totally Heather

Instagram: @vtown

Twitter: @vtown