ep.1 – Veronica Gruba, Elizabeth Reichelt and Eileen Mary O’Connell

Jeremy Schmidt and Nikhil Deshpande take TWO meetings in this inaugural episode; one from Susan Schnickel (a woman selling Herbal Life and obsessed with cruises) and Pip-Pap (a weird tiny non-gender specific creature). But the question, as always, still remains. Will they buy or will the pass?

Elizabeth Reichelt – UCB performer with Rumple, Harold Ramis, Fashion Show At Lunch and sketch team New Hot Dog

Instagram: @lizreichelt

Twitter: @lizreichelt

Eileen O’Connell – house team performer at The Pack Theater – performs with Murder Murder and writer/performer for Top Story Weekly

Instagram: @eileenmaryoconnell

Twitter: @i_Lean

Veronica Gruba – amazing podcast engineer and improv performer with Totally Heather

Instagram: @vtown

Twitter: @vtown

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